Our Products

  • 6DoF FNPT II

    Our PRO 6DOF simulator is the most advanced product in our offer. It generates all the forces acting on the plane during the regular flight. Student can train procedures and reactions in the professionally simulated environment.

  • 3DoF FNPT II

    Tech Sim gives possibility to order simulator with changeable cockpits. You can quickly change your simulator from single engine piston (SEP) to multi engine piston (MEP). This results in faster ROI and greater simulator utilization.


    Certified for PPL(A), CPL(A), IFR, MEPL(A) and MCC. Advanced replica of C182 plus optional upgrades to other aircrafts

  • G1000 Trainer

    Realistic Garmin G1000 training device.

    Maximum Availability
    Ease of Operation
    Software compability