In engineering, the combination of efficiency, functionality, reliability, strength and cost-effectiveness is often called “elegance”, and that is how we design our simulators. This involves many innovations that simplify the user Interface, reduce complexity all while enhancing the performance.

Our I/O system design is modular and scalable, so that simulators can be configured faster and easier. There is just one type of I/O board, with one type of plug-in extension card and single software tool for all hardware management.

We use fewer cables, components and computers resulting in a simulator that is more efficient, more stable and easier to work with at every level. Our Smart Panels provide customers the choice of simulated or stimulated instruments that replicate the look and feel of the actual instruments, but are significantly more cost effective and maintenance efficient. With our modular approach, customers can also use real instruments where necessary or so desired.

Our simulators are created and assembled with intelligent features such as self monitoring and automatic self-test programs installed in every FFS. All of this and many other unique features result in simulators that are more efficient, more available, and more user-friendly than anything else on the market.